We started our show with California-based psychotherapist Robbin Gregson; (http://www.wyweight.com) who was helping countless listeners gain the courage to fight eating disorders and lose the shame that often accompanies these mental disorders. She discussed symptoms, signs and addressed various ways to begin the course of treatment for the sometimes fatal disorders.


Next we had an icon in home shopping with an eclectic background that spans documentaries, news, production, music and yes, even spirituality studies… Dan Wheeler, QVC host and author of “Best Seat in the House: The Untold Stories of DiMaggio, Mantle, Foreman and Other Sports Legends” (available on Amazon) – 

Wheeler is involved in many charitable outreach endeavors through QVC as well as with area professionals. One notable items is Blue Sky Band (http://www.blueskyconcerts.com) *this site will redirect you to another site; give it a second to load) which has all of the information on the players, the concerts and behind the scenes info. July 22nd they’ll be playing at the Chester County Art Association, so if you are local, you’ll want to find out more about this. All of their proceeds go to charities; some of the past charities included Katrina, Safe Harbour and raising money for Breast Cancer research.

Some upcoming news Dan shared…


July 28th, 10 PM, at QVC – Live audience show with Hall and Oates; Watch Live (eastern time!)


NFL Shop: beginning in September, Mondays at 7 PM


Tuesday Nights at 10 PM, “Tuesday Night Gifts” in late September or October, just in time for the holidays!


Michael Jordan Hall of Fame show that Dan will be hosting will be on September 10th and you’ll want to stay abreast of this and other events by logging on to http://www.QVC.com, and tuning in. 


Outreach is a very big part of Dan Wheelers life and he discussed how he brought to the attention of QVC the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity; years later, still going strong, QVC has helped Habitat For Humanity build many homes in the region.  In whole, Dan Wheeler proved to show incredible substance and inspiration and it is clear why he has such a strong following and ability to communicate his depth and charisma. 


Next we had on a fun staple, also a sponsor and celebrity in her own right, Ms. Judy Davidson; a woman who revels in her Jewishness and can talk sports with the best of them. She’s a powerhouse with energy galore and we chatted about life, kids, work; all the things you’d chit-chat about with a friend over a kitchen table… we called it “Coffee with Judy” and it was just a fun time!


Every day brings lessons to me and I’m honored; today’s show brought the lessons of substance and friendliness, of reaching out to others and having courage. When I write the blogs, and even in my shows, I want to add a bit of myself; I started my day talking to friends and loved ones who were in my life years ago, and enjoyed hearing their familiar voices. I enjoyed my guests and producer John, who is fun and capable, exchanged laughs with the GM and the Owner, and was able to come home, sit by the pool with a friend, laugh, eat way too much pasta, and visit a bonfire gathering. I’m really a blessed person because of the people in my life.


The show on the 18th was willed with ascertaining labels and needs, desires and the future. We started with the J Foundation, spear headed by Jamie Panetta, (jfoundationinc.org) and with the help of Tammy Camper at Strategic Transformation, he is getting the word out to help raise money for the emotional, physical, mental, behavioral and financial needs of families with children who have life limiting illnesses; including paying for the funerals. The organization assists not only the children but the families with all end of life expenses.
At 1:30 we switched gears and had the founder of Mini Kiss, a Kiss Tribute Band, “Joseph” on the show. What makes this tribute band successful? Aside from their talent, energy and ability to catch the public eye, they are “little people”. Joseph admits the gimmick works well to help capture attention, he feels that their ability to reconstruct the Kiss concert atmosphere is what grabs their guests. He had a great conversation with us and we can’t wait to visit them when they are local performing!
Watch him on MTV and IFC soon! Visit http://www.minikiss.com for more info and their schedule.
Because we discussed labels with Joseph (do we say little people or midget, do average sized people get called average or tall or big) we then continued in speaking to Dr. Arthur DiFurio, art history professor at the Moore College of Art and Design, where he also serves as Chair of Liberal Arts. We discussed the challenges in art when we look at politically correct vs historically correct art. Some of the questions raised and discussed included “do we omit our past in favor of current government sanctioned rules?” and “Where do we draw the line between what is allowed to be art?” and akin.
You can find him at http://www.moore.edu, his email is available on the site.
Additionally, with much surprise, we learned that being Jewish isn’t just for fogies. There is fun to playing dreidel now thanks to Jennie Rivlin Roberts, the founder of Modern Tribe (www.moderntribe.com). Modern Tribe has a slant toward urban Jewish items but it is not just for those who are Jewish by any stretch; great art and gifts abound on the site.
However, a fun aspect is the No Limit Texas Dreidel, which is a concept Roberts developed and now makes available. It’s a poker game and ancient dreidel game wrapped up into one. It’s so popular that it is becoming a national charity tournament very soon with big name celebs playing and raising money for charities.
In whole this show brought forth a thread on the word “Labels”. We lose labels and increase empowerment when we help a child who is dying (regardless of the illness, there is no label that makes it a worthy cause, just being human makes the person, the child, worthy of the help), there is no label that comes in talent so height or color of hair is not a factor, art should not be labeled and in whole, regardless of what you choose (or not choose) spiritually, one can always find a new avenue to expand one’s mind and culture, and learn a new trick – or game!
Michele Paiva
PULSE, wche 1520
Listen online or if locally via the old fashioned signal.   

One could say that the show started with getting beat up and then went to compromise and then to a make up dinner… but that would be pushing it. Or would it?
The show opened with Steve Wakefoose, owner of Providence Combatives (www.providencecombatives.com) or he also stated, “google my name” – who came on the show and discussed and literally showed us (with me translating the moves) self defense tactics that are unique. It’s less self defense than it is knowing how to respond, and that includes the “Startle Flinch” response. He discussed this primal response in which one learns to not learn new tactics like in typical self defense but, instead, goes into understanding the physiology and psychology of our natural responses to danger and using them to our advantage. Wakefoose utilizes a wide variety of avenues to teach, including helping those in corporate, school and nonprofit organizations. He was joined in our studio by his son and gave the studio dvd’s and more for giveaways. Listen in the next few weeks as we offer these great gifts to our listeners via his generosity. Also a “Happy Birthday” goes out to his wife 🙂
After break, we had Author, Michelle Andrews join us; as a historical author she brings her background in drama and strong ethics into her book, weaving a story that unfolds to the reader like a true mental and emotional display that captivates. She told a bit of the story in studio and all were captivated as she made us feel we were in the era and as a media pro, I highly suggest anyone to bring her in for a book signing to give a standing presentation of the show. Keeping in with the show thematic as it tends to unfold naturally, was the leaving of conflict per Wakefoose and into compromise, with Andrews. Her book, set with a family of strong Irish background, the cover of the book in clover green and the themes that could fit any family, are hits with teens through adults.
With the overcast weather, the doors of the lobby opened and in came the stunning author and media personality, Lorraine Ranalli; now to add to her credit, playwright. Her play, “Gravy Wars, Agita” is now on it’s first run at the Colonial Theater (all info can be found at http://www.gravywars.com) and Ranalli can be found ‘everywhere” signing her popular book, “Gravy Wars” – the book is available online and in bookstores.
Our office (and my family) enjoyed a late lunch and dinner courtesy of Ranalli and Carmine’s Pizzeria! Thank You!
I am thankful to my producer who keeps the energy flowing and makes it all happen, and very thankful for the great people I meet and get to mingle with. I had fun after the show with Jay, Sylvia, Andrews, Emma Andrews and Lorraine, and was quite proud of my intern, who happens to be my daughter, who wore many hats including on-air work.
Also: If you listened, you heard a great recipe from Lorraine! Will post on Thursday as I’m going to make it tomorrow and discuss on Thursdays show!