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July 9, 2009

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July 7th show…

July 8, 2009

The show started with “Tarot Tuesday” a new mainstay with Ron Maestri, ( who among being a Tarot reader, is star of stage and screen, and we HOPE will be back at QVC… he was awesome there and we want him local! Anyway, he read my card for me (we didn’t have time for callers this week but next week will!) and since I took the advice from LAST weeks card, it appeared I made some great strides THIS week. (Thank Goodness!)

After that eye opener, I was honored to welcome Jay Piscopo, Author and Illustrator and developer of the Captain Eli graphic novels. Accompanied by the powerhouse public relations pro, Tammi Kennedy, he was on an action packed tour of the region though he resides in Maine…

Between workshops, we were lucky that they were able to stop by, and he spoke about how he began, where the novels were going (the great news, is that they build, the third is due out this year!) and how they are unique.

There is a lot to digest about this series so it is best to see for yourself at  … it was a blast to interview him!

Next up we had a call in from the Cape May shore – vacationing but still working hard, Leslie Padilla, (national celeb and media public relations pro) – her interactive site is found at … we discussed her next The Company of Women event for locals that will happen on July 15th at 5:30 PM at Du Jour in Haverford, RSVP to and Main Line Today best of the main line and western suburbs party on July 23 at Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill (tickets available online at
Padilla (pronounced “Pad- E- Yah”, think Spanish), discussed her national promotions, some clients, tips and tricks for folks who are looking to reinvent themselves and more. She is a PRO at helping revamp images in any occupation and can help anyone become more marketable in this economic climate.

Visit her interactive site and get to know the local and national events and seminars she is involved in!

Our last hour was spent with Shaun Young, one of the most incredibly soulful men around, who is known as the spokesperson for the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, a title he still is not comfortable with in spite of him being inducted into a fan hall of fame in August, by internal nomination.

When one things of a sports fan, one thinks of stereo-typical high energy, yet the obvious success of Young is his incredible groundedness. His open emotions and ability to feel strength in his vulnerability when he speaks of being brought to tear with young children in medical situations or even proclaiming public love for his significant other. 

What is more inspiring is what we called in the studio him as a “Green Ghandi”  – a true man at peace or focused on peace, yet with a focus to use his fame for good. He signed countless autographs and made a lot of people’s day without realizing it, even in our own studio!

You can find him on facebook and you’ll know you’ve got the correct Shaun when you see the green and silver Eagles look!

He did an E-A-G-L-E-S at the end that shook the windows in our booth but made us all see the infectious energy that makes him THE Eagles fan to emulate.

A podcast of the show will be available soon!

Thanks to the guests who took time from their busy days, vacation and lives to share of themselves. I’m honored that I am even privy to a fraction of their energy.

THURSDAY: First hour is law for laypeople, then organizing your home and life, then talk to a model photographer as well as Lorraine Ranalli’s next installation of The Cook Next Door!

Visit for more information and upcoming podcasts…

long post! Enjoy!

July 3, 2009

New: I am finishing Michelle Andrews “Child of Compromise” and it is in my top 10 favorite books of all time. I need her to write more! Upcoming: Jay Piscopo (Illustrator, comic illustrator, animator), Shaun Young (Eagles Inductee soon, Most Popular Fan and doing an in-studio autograph signing on July 7th at 2:45-3:15, show up, we have cards he will sign and bring your cameras!) and coming up, Karol Collins and discussing the MS 150 and importance of such fundraisers on a national and local scope. We have some new regular segments coming soon too, to join Lorraine Ranalli’s “Cook Next Door” which is popular and sought after!


*** What a week! Tuesday June 25th we had Lorraine Ranalli who brought us the “Watergate” (see recipe on her blog at and we again discussed my obsession with her previous recipe for Zucchini (also on her blog!) … I found the key was to NOT let the sauce get to a darker maroon but just a hint of color…. I keep playing with the recipe and love each way I tweak it, so it is a win-win! The then was on July 2nd, which was my late mother’s birthday, with recipe my mom would have loved; not a recipe really but a trick – replacing typical rolls for the holiday weekend with a good italian bread!

This recipe trick plus more little tweaks is available on her site also! I am SO trying this over the weekend. I can’t wait. I’ll be the hit of the cook out at the neighbors 🙂 Lorraine has her book going strong (also was made into a stage play) “Gravy Wars, South Philly Foods, Fueds and Attytudes” and is available at her site also. In addition she is ALL over the region so if you are local, you’ve got to check her events page. She’s on Facebook too !


Later in the show on the 25th of June, I was honored to have Garry Cobb, former pro-athlete, broadcaster and humanitarian. He is the author of “Don’t be Clueless; 7 keys to life in the real world”. This is an incredible book for teens, parents, social workers, educators or anyone who works with children. The book is also a great reference for any adult who wants to learn from Cobb, who is a successful man who credits his family and spirituality as driving forces in his life. His successful background as an athlete is of course, what most folks know him for, but personally, I was more impressed with the man behind the persona; a man who reaches out to others, who helps youth who are struggling, and who can see the possibilities in everyone. He teaches from a real world experience and has the patience and ability to make the end result “happen” – the end result being making a true change in the life of a youth. Find out more about Mr. Cobb at


June 30’th I was honored and entertained to have Ron Maestri on! His site is packed with entertaining interaction at He is not just another handsome face or charismatic man, but a man with substance and real life know-how. He is incredibly learned in nutrition, fitness and health/well-being and can inspire even the biggest couch potato (me at times!) to get up, get moving and live better. He was a state winner for the National Forensic League, which is a speech and debate team that incorporates debate, theater and other presentation skills and credits some of that training and experience with his ability to present himself now as an adult. His training is a list long but his experience is longer and wide breadth. He is a sales person at heart, selling his projects he works on or products he firmly believes in. As a former QVC host and who also worked with other home shopping venues, he displayed the trick of selling well; believe in what you sell. It was obvious in speaking to him that his authenticity is a key to his success and I hope to have him on again!


Also on the show that day, was Chad Dresson, the owner of youtubes, and maybe the worlds, most famous chihuahua. Pablo the chihuahua is the star of the family, with video taped antics from his life on the net with a huge following that has caught the attention of the media across the nation including ABC News! Although a visual guest in best light, we were able to put a couple of videos up for the viewer so that they could hear Pablo’s crabby growls and Chad’s warm coaxing to the funny chihuahua. Dresson himself is an entertaining man with a calm demeanor and also the owner of a much larger dog, who is something of a side kick to Pablo, “Ramsey”. Look them up on youtube in a search of “Pablo and Ramsey”!

July 2nd as you know, we had Lorraine Ranalli with her Thursday at Two segment, “Cook Next Door” ( for recipes, books, etc) and we also had an interesting show on education. Though the focus was a local Catholic school that is fairly new in our region the topic spoke to the nation. First. we had on…

We had a professional, Joe Schetroma, who has a wide background of professional medical (working in an ER for over a decade) and an MBA who manages a company in Northern New Jersey (Critical Care Systems, a Medco Compnay), who discussed the importance of and politics of, infusion therapy. Infusion therapy “involved the administration of medication…prescribed for many diseases… gastrointestinal, cancer, antibiotic, pain management, multiple sclerosis, arthritis….”, and more. Schetroma discussed the varied ways that individuals can seek insured coverage for this, how it saves money for the individual and how the prospects are gleaned for this therapy. Legislation now has the bill in front of them to stop home health infusion from coverage denial, so individuals can get the healthcare that they need and deserve.


Regina Luminis Academy is a private, independent school founded to help assist parents with the education and formation of their children by providing not only a Catholic education but bringing a strong Classical education where latin is introduced in the early elementary ages through the upper grades, as well as accountability. Our in studio guests included Ms. Diane Toller, board member and Treasurer, Ms. Debbie Giardini. Both professionals were illuminating on how the impact of school choice is so important in this day. One topic that often comes up with private schools or alternative education is the topic of financing. They were more than happy to share that there is a government program in place that their school is affiliated with, the “Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit”. It very well may available in your state as well; check with local private schools near you to find out, or contact your local government. This credit helps parents find alternative and improved education for their children. We also discussed a book by author and former athlete (and business professional, etc), Brian Gail. Gail is the author of “Fatherless” which is a book that touches upon some of the plights of catholics in the 20th and 21st centuries, in a fictional story line but woven with research stemmed in real life situations. The book is “Catholic” in tone but anyone of any religion or even non-religion could read this book and glean enjoyment and enlightenment. Like many great works of literature, it is a sign of the times and am honored I was able to read it. It makes a great book for group discussion as well. We hope to have Gail on soon to discuss the book! We had a caller who was in his late forties, who called in regarding the state of education and brought up a memory that has obviously caused him pain. His self esteem and he feels, ability suffered when he was young as the switch from old math to new math took place. He questioned validity of teachers who were not trained well and compared teachers of the past who were more strict and had higher expectations with some later teachers who are bullied by some administrators into being too “nice” to all students; thus bringing expectations to a minimum. Our guests agreed that though being civil and caring is important that the student needs to be accountable. This is another sign of the times for education. The fact that so many are coming out and demanding more, that programs are in place to help parents demand more and that there are opportunities available. Myself, I shared a bit of my own personal story as well as some insight in my work as a national educational legal advocate in the past; and author of the book “The Gulch Method”. I speak at colleges and universities, most recently was in the early spring at Cheyney University, on the issues with diversity and law; and with this comes children who are in fact, very much left behind. I’ll be at a national conference as a guest speaker in November of 09, and will give more info on that when I have details. Some input from people who I posed the questions of education, alternative education, etc: “Separation of church and state! I believe in this. My kids do however attend a catholic school. I personally feel that in some of the subjects (History and Science) do take a back burner and they are behind in those subjects do to the fact that they have to learn about religion. Spelling and English seem to be on par, Vocabulary and Math seem way ahead…going over my 4th grade daughters history with her, she not only did not know much about it, but the book they used was not that good. Left a lot of things out when talking about the revolution…i.e. the shot heard around the world, and the Boston Tea Party. There was other important things missing as well…” “Public schools are bureaucracies and the soul purpose of a bureacracy is to maintain the bureacracy. The result is inertia, or the inability to change. The fact that they’re unionized only compounds the problem because seniority, rather than quality, is rewarded…” “Life teaches about life, not school. Public schools being more “diverse” is also a joke. Most neighborhoods are not diverse. I have often seen schools where over 90% of the population is not only the same race, but also the same socio-economic status. The biggest thing that would help ALL schools is “choice”. …” “…Teaches are about as qualified to diagnose ADHD as my plumber. They just stick that label on a kid when they can’t handle him. IEP’s are nonsense (although unfortunately necessary under the law), pull-outs are a waste of time, and resource rooms are about as useful as a snow shovel in the Bahamas. The only thing that works with kids with special needs is tutorial-type, one-to-one, face-to-face individualized instruction….” “…I’ll add my 2 cents. I believe if your children go to a “religious” based school (i.e. Catholic, etc), you should have a significant school tax reduction. Its like paying double tuition !” Overall, a great week and I’m honored that these people shared of themselves and we were able to get important messages out, and entertain, and thanks to regular Lorraine, whet appetites!