There is a man not faint-hearted to speak out, to wage war with unions, to challenge political snakes, and to fight for the education of our youth.

“This is an issue under-covered in the media” he declared strongly. He continues, “What we are seeing in the media is actually sourced mostly by union representatives. The media has few sources willing to talk, and those that do speak to the media, are possibly lying. We caught lies right on tape in fact.”

Who is the man with a mission, who speaks with a commanding voice and a deliberate choice of words in each breath? It is Bob Bowdon, the Executive Producer, Director and force behind the award winning documentary “The Cartel” a documentary that exposes the educational system like no other media piece has done before, opening nationally on April 30th.


April 29, 2010

Education system uncovered: Interview with Documentary producer –

April 26, 2010

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