Our show started with Pamela Bryer with the Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County, that boasts one of the handful (in hundreds) of “Healthy Start” programs nationally, a program to help prenatal and baby care, including emergency food, housing and clothing. We discussed that on a national level the program is cost effective for all, not just a program to help those in need directly, but for the greater good.
She discussed how even school readiness is a concern when thinking about child and prenatal health and can save taxpayers a large percentage of external spending which makes this even more a multi-beneficial program.
She also discussed CHIP, a health insurance that is generous and ensures that all children are insured to have proper medical care.

The site, to reach them locally is http://www.ccmchc.org; those not local can be directed to an office near them.

On a lighter note, the Kelly Miller Circus, based out of Oklahoma, is visiting the Greater Philadelphia Region, settling in Parkesburg Pa, at Minch Park, with showtimes at 4:30 and 7:30….. sponsored by the Parkesburg Lions Club, the proceeds not only go to the Elephant Sanctuary to take care of elephants but also to the local Lions Club and help locals to have hearing and eyesight needs met. A great night out and for two great causes.

With much emotion, I was honored to meet the parents of Elizabeth Ellerbee. Elizabeth is just six years old and suffers from a rare genetic disease that only 150 children in the world suffer from; she is the 150th.
Her father, John, and his wife Lovette, have started a foundation and not only help to raise money for their daughters cure and other children with this disease, but for people who need clothing, medical outreach, music ministry and more.
In fact, one event on a local level, is the Gospel Explosion Benefit Concert on May 30th taking part at the Coatesville 9/10 center at 5 PM. This is a free will offering. If you are out of a job, or in dire straights, the Ellerbee’s urged you to still come and hear the sounds of the over 23 local and national Gospel choirs and groups that will be performing, including Ms. Ellerbee herself.
There will be giveaways including a shirts; and there will be booths, food and more.
The Foundation site is http://www.elizabethnecoleellerbeefoundation.org

Our celebrity interview was Dave King, former long-time QVC host and current founder and man behind the image and man on the stage and screen of Mr. Cool Tech, essentially an entertaining and informative traveling program where King outlines the best and newest in technology. He gave incredible tips on air for moms, seniors and some hot tips for those who are tech-savvy such as the hottest new GPS and phones around; see his site http://www.davekingtv.com for updates as Dr. Cool Tech’s site is still being finalized and not yet running.
We were interested in knowing more about King; and found his vice is……. Dunkin Donuts Coffee and McDonalds Chicken Wraps “on occasion” 🙂
He also credited his family and their bond and warmth which his success not only professionally but personally. He stated that having an “attitude of gratitude” is a philosophy for him. He states his entire family has talent (when asked where he felt he was blessed as a singer, dancer, actor) and stated he’ll also be in an upcoming movie with Demi Moore.
We ran out of time but I wanted to also insert that King is strong in outreach and is on the board of directors of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
On a personal note, during one segment of the show, JT who is a multi-talented producer and on-air persona in his own right, came in with my urge (OK begging) and put on a CD of himself singing; I actually thought it was Marvin Gaye, and made a joke even – only to get the entire CD home that night, and almost well in tears at the depth, range and emotion of JT Morgan. You’ll be seeing him out and about soon and he is currently putting together a holiday CD….he’s incredible! My producer Matt and I debated the Prop 8, and touched upon the unfit mother who faked an abduction of herself and her daughter.
In whole, it was a great show and I’m blessed to have the people around me that I do, and love hearing everyone’s stories on how they got to where they are, what they are doing for the greater good and how they are making changes in their world and the world around them.
I’ll be at Nectar in Malvern on June 10th, critiquing a movie at the Bourse very soon (not sure when, next week!) and interviewing the director Kate Church, soon after. Upcoming interviews include a UK Film Critic, Matthew Stogdon, TV Journalist and Anchor, Lynn Doyle, New York Housewives Bethenny Frankel and UFO Hunter’s own Ronnie Milione, Shane Eck (a QVC’er) and the worlds “worst golf swing” (but does well at the game!) and more!



Todays show we had guest Shannon Swank; she spoke of Gabi Swank, her daughter and the issues with the Gardasil vaccine. For more on her story check out CBS News (27th of May release)
Also on the show was Ruth Zavistanos talking about travel, culture and kids as well as her new book “The Villa Dog”… and the new Mrs. PA, Katie Cohen.
Feedback for the show included emails that discussed struggles with weight and reaching out to help others, the whooping cough vaccine, California’s shocking ruling banning gay marriage and people debating the Gardasil drug.

Upcoming, May 28th show: Pam Bryer, of the Maternal and Child Health Consortium speaking on Insuring Children, the importance of education for providers and parents and why and how these programs are long-term cost effective for our region.
We’ll also have Jim Norton on speaking about traveling circus’s that are not as mainstream, that actually help and not harm animals; one of which will be in Parksburg PA, which will help raise money for an elephant sanctuary, and we’ll have on Lovette Ellerbe, who is the motivating force behind the Gospel Explosion Benefit Concert which benefits those with neuro-muscular disease. We’ll wrap up with television celebrity and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation board member, Dave King.

Upcoming shows include a psychologist/bee keeper, eco cleaning, mommy bloggers, “Shoes of Hope” and debt management as well as some more controversial topics strewn throughout and some special celebrity guests including sports celebs, a local & national female news pioneer and a playboy bunny!

Tune in to wche1520.com to listen live and to call in and interact with guests!

Today we had on the show, I just chatted about a few tidbits of news I found in the morning, such as the irony of the mother who is dismissing and refusing health care for her son who has cancer but is said to be in Mexico now with him. If you had a child with a compromised immune system, would you choose an essentially third-world condition for him to reside in? A place where the water is unsafe? Where people are dropping with “H1N1” because there is shabby health care?
Another factoid was that the voice of Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine, passed away today of diabetes complications; his wife “Russi” is the voice of Minnie Mouse. JT Morgan of the morning show stated he could in fact, impersonate (or imitate since Mickey isn’t human) Mickey Mouse but refused; it was close though – he cleared his throat a few times…
On a more serious note, the show guests were Betsy Burke and Moira Coyle, two parents who are helping lead a school of parents who are up in arms about a science teacher, Mr. Bill Turner, who may soon be replaced with boxed kits of science.
Though they do not feel the kits are a negative, as any curriculum support is welcomed, they do feel it can not replace a live teacher who is incredibly experienced and has instilled passion in their youth.
Also, they feel slighted by the East Goshen Elementary School and the West Chester School District as this has been a two year plan (allegedly) and just brought to parents a couple of months ago – leaving little time for debate or discussion.
Also in debate is the true PSSA scoring; teachers called the station and a former Special Education Teacher and social worker was on in the next hour, and one of the parents, Ms. Moira Coyle is a former teacher herself; states that the PSSA tests are skewed; it’s a school that hosts the autistic children and in the one classroom alone, there are three children who do not speak English.
Therefore, factoring in PSSA test scores with demographics that are challenged give false negative test scores when compared to schools with less challenged demographics.
In my personal opinion, this is shady politics if in fact, this is the case.
The parents don’t have a lot of time; there is a parent meeting coming up and they have a half hour total (this includes the time the administration speaks/lectures/takes up time) to get their point across.
The issues brought up on the show included instead, using East Goshen Elementary as a model for other schools to support science excellence.
It also was brought up that any school subject may be replaced with a box curriculum and across the board the absolute worst way to teach is “dry” out of a box or textbook only.
This is not the first time that the West Chester School District has met head to head with parents; recently they decided to not allow home school students (whose parents pay taxes still!) engage in band. Other districts locally have not only allowed home schoolers but have welcomed them.
The parents encouraged listeners to contact Cheryl Ash of WCASD. Judy Davidson, our second guest mentioned to help the parents of WCASD East Goshen Elementary, that people should start getting letters of support and the strong arm of politicians from local to DC.
Davidson, no stranger to advocacy, came on to speak about the PA Right to Work project, with information available at PARightToWork.org, and discussed the many problems associated with extreme union take over and union bullying that some feel is the result of opposing Right to Work. Judy Davidson is the owner of JJ Elephant, jjelephant.com, a two-acre kosher sports cafe with a mission of mingling and advocacy.
Visit her site for more information on her eclectic background and endeavors. She was an instrumental guest to help the hot-button issue locally and showed her skilled activist side in quick thinking and political savvy.
We ended on a lighter note, with the entertaining Steve Weinberger, author based out of San Diego and a former Long Island resident; his book “No Air Guitar Allowed” is a comical and informational insiders look at the “how to” and varied anecdotes of “concerting”. Weinburger has seen over 1000 concerts, has a two year old that already has eight concerts under her belt, and illuminated myself, an individual who has only been to a Radio Disney concert in Camden, Nj, on just some of the faux pas (of which many I already commit at the movie theater) when attending a concert. One major faux pas, of which I do not commit ever, is the “urinal high five”, which unto itself seems wrong on many levels. http://www.noairguitarallowed.com or amazon.com to order!
In whole the show was passionate from top to bottom, and I was honored to meet each guest today.
Pulse, with Michele Paiva